Understanding UPS Systems and Why You May Need Them

Understanding UPS Systems and Why You May Need Them

The power grid almost anywhere in the United States is reliable 99 percent of the time. It provides consistent and controlled power almost all of the time. Unlike many countries, electric power users rarely have to worry about where energy is coming from or whether it will shut off unexpectedly.

The operative phrase here is “most of the time.” No grid has perfect performance. Bad weather, car accidents, and other problems could knock down lines. Various problems could cause surges and power reductions known as “brownouts.”

In times past, power problems or shutoffs merely meant that your home or business would have to wait until electricity returned. Today, however, businesses especially may have computer and other systems that are sensitive to power fluctuations.

Additionally, some businesses and other organizations cannot endure lengthy power outages due to commitments to customers or clients.

Uninterruptible Power Systems, or UPS, will help to ensure that computer systems enjoy reliable and consistent power regardless of problems with the grid.

In our experience, many businesses that need a UPS system sometimes need guidance in selection, installation, and care.

Computer Systems Are More Fragile Than You Think

The fragility of computer systems comes into play less during the outage itself and more when the power returns. Occasionally when electric service resumes, the surge of power in the lines can cause severe damage to hardware and other components.

How UPS Systems Protect Your Technical Systems Design

UPS systems, especially when paired with robust surge protectors, provide protection for your system specifically and business as a whole. They protect systems from surges by providing seamless transition from the grid to power stored in the batteries. Your systems will not experience damaging surges.

Lengthy power outages can be bridged by using the batteries attached to the UPS system. The more batteries the UPS system utilizes, the longer it can sustain business functions. In our experience, most systems can effect an orderly and safe shutdown of your computer hardware. Shutting it down should insulate the systems from power surges.

No UPS or surge protections system, however, can protect from surges sparked by nearby or direct lightning strikes.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Systems that UPS can protect range from desktop computers to massive servers and networks. We recommend that owners of business or home systems who seek UPS systems to protect their equipment should make sure and get a “right sized” system.

Personal computers require only a small UPS that is portable enough to sit on the same desk. Larger systems require more extensive protections and larger battery banks. Your UPS installation expert can advise you on which will work best and with the most cost effectiveness.

UPS professionals can also discuss with you ways to enhance power efficiency. Maintenance can ensure that the system functions properly when needed while also keeping it running at top efficiency.

Importance of Maintenance

UPS systems themselves have vulnerabilities that can cause breakdowns. We advise to make sure that at least one staff person has training on basic maintenance is considered mandatory by experts. This reflects industry best practices.

Above that, more complicated systems require quarterly, biannual, and annual maintenance schedules to keep them working efficiently and to ensure that they work properly when needed.

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