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When your firewalls have been breached, or when viruses attack, or when disgruntled employees or human errors attempt to modify or delete your data, CYBER & WORM Storage Solutions provide your last line of defense.   Read More… The Last Line of Defense.

Easy to incorporate into your existing environment, WORMdisk™ & CYBERdisk™ Write Once Read Many (WORM) cyber-defense technologies prevent data modification or data deletion – at the individual disk hardware level.  CYBER & WORM Storage Solutions™ provide a strong cyber-defense by protecting both the sensitive OS boot disk and your data files from damage or deletion.  Cyber-attacks cannot modify data files, Master Boot Records (MBRs), disk partition information or firmware, thereby protecting valuable data from deletion, modification, re-formatting, re-flashing or eavesdropping and protecting your systems from viruses that would otherwise wipe out your data and your disks.

  • Survivable Data – At any time your data might be manipulated, changed or deleted – without your permission or knowledge.  CYBERdisks™ & WORMdisks™ provide your last ditch defense to defeat cyber-terrorists and ensure data integrity.  When they try to write, change, delete, modify or reformat your data, the attempts abort and your data survives.  With WORMdisks™, RansomWare attacks are unable to encrypt and hold your data hostage, thereby keeping your data trusted.
  • Survivable Systems –  Viruses will destroy boot disk Master Boot Records (MBRs) making your systems unbootable, like the Sony attack.  With CYBERdisks™, when cyber-attacks attempt to overwrite the MBR, the write is aborted and your systems survive, keeping your systems trusted.  CYBERdisksare not firmware reflashable, and therefore protect against the recently discovered “Equation Group” virus that embeds itself into disk drives.
  • Defensible Evidence –  Simplifies chain-of-custody for digital evidence since data cannot be changed by anyone.  Deliver original unalterable evidence in court.
  • Permanent Records –  Rapidly search and manage archive media with Catalog Management Solutions.  Provides long-term preservation and rapid online retrieval.  An excellent replacement for phased out Optical Discs.

In the quest to provide our clients with the best solutions,

we now provide the following products to protect their data.

CYBERdisks™ provide protection to your computer systems while WORMdisks™are focused to protect your data.  Both are available in multiple capacities, use standard SATA interfaces and easily work with most computer systems.  Download the 1st WORM Whitepaper here GreenTec WORM Whitepaper.

Reduce your data risks by implementing some simple steps as outlined in this 2nd WORM Whitepaper Cyber-Attack Risk Reduction Strategy (RRS).  This describes how to permanently protect both your boot and data disks from similar attacks that crippled Sony and others.

WORM Solutions protect your mission goals and ensure that your sensitive data cannot be edited, altered, modified, deleted or re-formatted.  Simplify compliance for HIPAA, DCAA, SEC, Dodd-Frank and CapStone records retention regulations and provide safe document preservation and Enterprise Content Management systems for collections of corporate financial data, emails, video, audio, legal documents, files and other critical data as well as secure video surveillance, law enforcement and intelligence collections, secure audit log files, cyber-attack protection, data backups and other secure data needs.

WORMdisk™ Management Software keeps track of thousands of WORMdisks™ and allows for user-initiated requests to move WORMdisks™ Online, Nearline, Offline or to be Warehoused for deep storage with rapid Online recall.

Cloud Solutions allow you to create and access your data anywhere, anytime and on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or servers).