Enterprise WORMdisks

WORMdisk™ Enterprise Catalog Manager (CatMan™) Manages Workflow for thousands of WORMdisks™ across your enterprise from a browser, mobile or tablet PC from anywhere in the world.

CatMan™ communicates with all of your local or remote WORM Storage Servers (WSS) and knows the status, location and disposition of every WORMdisk™ – if it is Online, Nearline, Offline, Removed or Warehoused (with geo-location).

CatMan™ enforces the roles of WORMdisk™ User, WSS Operator, Administrator and Facility Security Officer.  Users may request WORMdisks™ that they own and have permissions to, be Un-mounted, Mounted, Moved, or they may purchase a new WORMdisks™ as needs grow.  Users, Operators, Admin and FSO receive email or SMS text messages for actions required and status updates.


CatMan™ sample Drive List display with Administrator permissions showing 2 WSS down (in red):


CatManWORM Storage Server (WSS) List display by Administrator shows which WSS are down and the time of the last communication ping: