WORM Storage Server (WSS) Models

WORM Storage Servers (WSS)

Ninja™ – WORM Storage Servers (WSS)

Ninja WORM Storage Servers (WSS) provide unlimited local or remote storage in NAS or SAN configurations from 4 to 84 drives in a single chassis.   Ninja systems range from 500GB to many petabytes of expandable storage with capacity monitoring and notification via email and text messages for warning and critical threshold levels.  Both internal WORMdisk™ and external WORMdrive™ configurations provide true Read-ONLY storage solutions in various sizes and capacities.

Ninja combines WORM and non-WORM disks with high-performance energy-savings and data redundancy in local, networked or cloud storage environments.  With geographically separate options, Ninja systems support multiple levels of data redundancy for the ultimate in data protection for critical applications.

Ninja WORM WSS systems support local and remote data mirroring as a 1-to-1 or a 1-to-many mirror residing in multiple locations.

Ninja WSS range from 4 to 84 drive bays per chassis with various networking choices including Multi-GigE, 10GigE, 40G Infiniband, WiFi and 8/16G Fibre Channel.

Model numbers GMN-4, GMN-8, GMN-12, GMN-16, GMN-24, GMN-62 and GMJ-36 (36-bay JBOD expander) support WORMtrays™ (WORMdisks™ in trays ), while the model GMN-24ES supports up to 24 external WORMdrives™.  The new GMN-84 packs 84 of the 3.5″ disks into a small 5U footprint, with 684 disks and up to 4 Petabytes in a standard 19″ rackNinja systems exceed EPA’s Energy-Star ratings.

The GT_WinStatus™ WORM Management Application comes with every WORM Storage Server to easily monitor and control WORMdisk™ status and disposition.  GT_WinStatus™ automatically detects when WORMdisks™ are inserted or removed, generates audit log files and allows WSS Operators to configure visual, email and SMS text message alerts when WORMdisks™ reach warning and critical capacity thresholds.  The WSS Operator may click on the buttons to Tlock (Temporarily Lock) or Finalize (Permanently Lock) WORMdisks™ with GT_WinStatus™.

An example GT_WinStatus™ Display Screen showing the status of all disk drives in the WSS chassis is shown below:

GT_WinStatus WORMdisk Display Screen