WORMdisk™ Cloud Services

We offer WORMdisk™ Cloud Services (WCS) over secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for maximum flexibility.

WCS provides the ability to use WORMdisks™ over the Internet from any location securely so you can access your WORMdisks™ anywhere, anytime.

With WCS, you can purchase WORMdisks™ incrementally online as your needs increase.  You can start small, and as your data grows, additional WORMdisks™ can be purchased online quickly.

WORM Library Checkup Services (WLCS)

If you need your data to last for 10, 20, 30 or more years, you may consider the GreenTec WORM Library Checkup Services (WLCS) for data life extension.

With the MLTS WORM Library Checkup Services (WLCS), an MLTS technician preemptively scans your WORM library for early error detection and repairs or replaces drives with potential problems and copies your data to the new WORMdisk™. 

Optionally, migration and consolidation of older lower capacity WORMdisks™ may be upgraded to the newer higher-density WORMdisks™ as they become available.