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The GMX Modular, Re-configurable systems are built from Blocks in a modular, flexible, scalable, low-energy and easy to maintain form factor.  Blocks may be any combination of Processor Blocks™, Storage Blocks™, WORMdisk™ Blocks, Video Blocks™ and FPGA Blocks™.  Mix and match up to 10 Blocks of any type within the same GMX-10 chassis, allowing you to grow or shrink your system as your needs change.  When you need more processing capability, add Processor Blocks™, when you need more storage, just add Storage Blocks™ when you need WORMdisks™, addWORMdisk™ Blocks.  Modular Block design allows you to only pay for what you use.

Easy to use Modular Cloud Blocks™ provide Hardware-as-a-Service™ (HaaS) with lots of processing power, memory, storage and bandwidth for secure, rapidly deployable, scalable, reliable complex configurations without requiring a team of experts.

Our GMX Modular Block Servers allow you to easily configure systems simply by selecting Processor, Storage, WORMdisk™, GPU and FPGA Blocks.

Blocks are interchangeable between your cloud,  data center, mobile, vehicle, aerial and other applications for maximum flexibility.

Blocks easily transform from one configuration to another by swapping Blocks and re-configuring the hardware to adapt to your changing requirements for cloud, web, database, modeling, simulation, animation, scientific, cryptographic analysis, nuclear weapons simulation, space applications and supercomputing needs.

The GMX-10 Blocks may be combined with the GMN Ninja Storage Servers for high-performance large clustered storage arrays suitable for Hadoop performance requirements.  For example, in a standard 42U rack, 372 parallel disks can be configured totaling 2.2 Petabytes (PB) of managed storage.

Compact, lightweight, low-energy Cloud Blocks™ may be ordered pre-loaded with Software Services to provide scalable, easy to maintain, rapidly deployable systems ranging from a single Block, to Mobile Cloud Platforms, up to traditional data center facilities.