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Portable Cloud & Data Center Solutions

We deliver portable mobile solutions to meet various Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements, ranging from 1″ by 4″ multi-core Windows pico systems, to handheld and wearable systems, to vehicle-based systems, all the way up to mobile data centers.

Mobile Pod systems provide safe secure rapidly deployable rugged mobile environments that configured in light-weight, low-power, shock-mounting mobile containers.  They come with wheels and handles to make it easy to roll out complete portable or stationary Cloud deployments.  Available with optional satellite communications, wireless communications, self-contained battery power and other features.   Pod sizes are available ranging from a lightweight 5U model up to a hefty 20U data center in a box.

Our products may be configured for mobile deployment including the Cloud BlocksNinja storage systems, WORMdisks™ and HD Video systems.

Our systems are designed as independent Block™ modules that may be upgraded independently to maximize system lifecycle usage while minimizing cost.   For example, processing capability may be upgraded while retaining the existing storage, power and cooling modules.

There are hundreds of different possible configurations to include processing power, storage capacities, power options, cooling options, ruggedized options, weight restrictions, communications requirements and budget.

Please contact our sales support team so that we may understand your requirements and provide a free, no-obligation assessment and timely solution for your needs.

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