Introduction to Modern Life Technical Solutions

Introduction to Modern Life Technical Solutions

Welcome to the brand new Modern Life Technical Solutions blog! We are so excited to have you here on this journey with us. To kick things off on the right foot, we’ll start with an introduction to who we are and what we do so you can get to know us and our services a bit better.

What Makes Us Different?

Modern Life operates with the awareness that, when dealing with an installation across multiple locations, it is paramount that systems not only work seamlessly at each location, but that the look and feel of the interface is consistent across the board. Our work is continuously informed by the desire to deliver the same high-quality user experience at all locations on any given project. We, unlike our competitors, also provide clients with comprehensive roadmaps, tutorials and documentation of newly installed systems; we do not hold our clients hostage by withholding the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. We have found that exceptional quality of work and superior service are more than enough to engender continued loyalty in our customers.

What do we do? What DON’T we do?

It’s what differentiates us from everyone else. With a team of experts spanning the trades, we deliver what others wouldn’t dream of tackling: everything.

From home theater equipment, to professional recording studio setups, to smart homes and optimized offices, we do it all. Looking for networking and IT services? We’ve got you covered there as well. Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Give us a call, we’re up for the challenge. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your technical needs.

Here’s just a brief overview of the problems we routinely and masterfully solve:

  • Audio and Video Installation – We have designed, built, and maintained many luxury, state-of-the-art estates, post-production suites, recording studios, and screening rooms in the residences of top directors, A-list stars, and a host of discerning creative professionals. We offer Control Systems for audio, video, lighting, HVAC, security systems and cameras, pools and shades, using Crestron and other premier control system technologies. We are proud to offer an immersive home theater experience. We bring the tech, you bring the popcorn!


  • Control Interfaces – Our intuitive user-interfaces offer complete control over your environment. With the press of a button, take charge of your lighting, HVAC, Security, Surveillance, Shades, Audio/Video and more with sophisticated systems, with Crestron and Savant as our focus. Above all else, we pride ourselves on a custom-made user interface, that time and time again, is our clients’ favorite control experience they’ve used yet.


  • Information Technology (IT) Consulting – Our team of experts offers both Device Management, and Networking Solutions, both remotely and in-person. We specialize in remote support, handling a majority of issues without having to be onsite, saving you both time and money. Capabilities include, but are not limited to: VLANS, VMware, ESX, ESXi, Fusion, vSphere, Virtual Center, Server Virtualization, Windows Servers, Exchange, SQL Back-Up Servers, Disaster Recovery, Security and more. Our technicians are certified in Mac OS X Server and Client as well as PC Windows Server and Client, and much more.


  • Communications – Communications being vital to the success of any business or high-end residence, you can lean on us to provide a solution to meet your needs. Multiple locations? Not a problem. Let us make sure that your phone extensions are the same everywhere. It’s the little things, right? From enterprise to high end residential phone systems, we offer the size you need when you need it. Comprehensive telephone systems; VOIP/IP, analog and hybrid systems, HD video and teleconferencing, Panasonic, Zoom, Cloud HD Video Meeting Solutions, and more.


  • Lighting Installation – No more wasted energy – you’ll notice the difference our installations make, not only on your power bill, but also in time saved when you don’t need to flip a dozen switches every day. Our lighting solutions are human-centric, automated to synchronize shades and mindfully-placed LEDs with natural light. These systems are smart – we program synchrony with your natural, circadian rhythm, and create dramatic atmospheres for galleries and event spaces. We design and install lighting automation systems as well as create custom lighting design. Let us make your home shine.


  • Computer Networking – Your network is the foundation of all of your technical systems, which is why we build them the right way from day one. From wiring to installation, we make sure you’re covered. We offer remote support and cloud-linked servers, so that any internet hiccups are addressed rapidly. You can expect solutions for media storage, backup servers, VLAN configuration, geo-fencing, mobile device management, remote support, and more.


  • Cybersecurity and Security Systems – Not only do we keep your information safe with top-of-the-line software, firewalls, and data encryption, but we make sure your property is safe, too. Our installers manage Surveillance Cameras, Alarm Installation, Door Access Controls, Vehicle Gate Automation, Intercom Systems, Remote Video Monitoring Hardware, Perimeter Breach Systems, Cyber Forensics and provide you with confidence and control over your data, and your property. While we have independently developed security solutions tailored to hundreds of our clients, we are also accustomed to working closely with your physical security team onsite to ensure your security needs are copacetic and harmonious.


  • Estate manuals – We provide technical and all-encompassing estate manuals that set both the estate manager and homeowner up for success. As staff and vendors may come and go, we ensure seamless continuity by gathering the information for you. Understanding technical systems gives us the ability to know what information is vital, and present it in a clean and easy to understand manner. Our manuals include maintenance calendars, site maps and equipment locations, job descriptions, how-to’s for everything from packing to pantry, contacts and more.


  • Physical Infrastructure & Wiring – Our team collaborates effectively with architects, builders and designers, speaking their language to ensure your project is future-proofed and performance-perfect. It’s often overlooked, but a proper pre-wire is the best investment you can make in your smart home. We are highly experienced with copper and fiber optic cabling for networks, telecom, A/V, and security for new construction and retrofit projects. Because we know how systems work, we know what wiring is needed and where. We’ll save you the headache of having to do your pre-wire twice, or wanting a device in a location and not having the infrastructure for it to live there.


  • Energy & Power Management – We offer expertise in energy management systems, including real-time usage monitoring and control of utility meters, occupancy status, appliances, lighting, shades, thermostats, daylight harvesting, and hibernation mode to get back on track with usage projections. We engineer systems that pay for themselves in your power savings. Our experts are accomplished at Green Building and Project Management, LEED Planning and Design, Life-Cycle Costing, Performance Rating/Energy Modeling, Power Generation and Sustainable Building Design. Going green has never been more cost-effective.


  • Full CAD Drawings – As your technological architects, we come onto your property with a thorough and well-documented plan, including full CAD drawings, rack elevations and more, completely deliverable to you and any other vendors with a need for this information. There is no guesswork in our process, and no unnecessary gear. We make sure our installation includes the right gear to satisfy your wants and needs, and nothing else. We’ve taken over many job sites where the client was sold excessive gear and materials, either because the vendor didn’t know better, or assumed the client wouldn’t. You can rest assured that our process is completely transparent, and our door is open for clear communication every step of the way.


  • Shopping ISP, Telecom Providers and Cloud Backup – Lower your bills by having us shop your needs to multiple vendors to get you the best product at the best price. An extra hundred dollars per month really adds up. We evaluate what services you currently have and match that with the bandwidth you really need, and ensure you’re getting all of the discounts offered. Is you network slow? Perhaps you don’t have the proper bandwidth from your ISP. Don’t waste your time on hold with providers, when we can handle it for you efficiently and in their language.


  • Moving Services – Let us set up your new services and assist your movers in properly packing your computers and servers, so we can get you into your new location ready to work. Our accomplished staff will set up new phone and internet services, oversee service providers in your new location and more. These important and essential business tools often take hours to properly coordinate, but we take that stress away by doing it all for you, quickly and with expertise.


  • Project Management – We consider our project managers our “special sauce.” Whether it be communication with the client, or communication to the vendors onsite, their job is to keep everyone on the same page, on time, and on budget. They go the extra mile to ensure that any and every need is taken care of. You can trust our outstanding team to manage any challenge with expertise and efficiency.


  • And much more – tell us about your project. We offer a comprehensive suite of technology installation, maintenance and management services, and we are highly skilled at what we do.

We Bring Professional, Industry Standards to Any Size Project

Whether you are building a home theater, expanding a professional recording studio, setting up a new office facility, or even just installing surround sound in your home, you’ll get the same high level of service and attention to detail. There is no job too big or small for us to handle.

We are proud to include both residential and commercial customers among our clientele. Because our solutions are customized, they can be scaled up or down to meet your changing needs. We have tried and tested each and every product we provide, so we have an innate understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We live and breathe technology, enabling us to deliver exactly what you want.

Get Started with Modern Life Technical Solutions Today

When you are ready to start exploring what technology can do for your Southern California home or business, get in touch with us right away. We’ll walk you through our process and explain how it all works, so you know exactly what to expect from working with us. Call now to get started with a free consultation to discuss your technical needs.