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MLTS specializes in technical systems integration for commercial properties and high-end estates.

Based in Marina del Rey, California, we distinguish ourselves as one integrated source for all technological design, installation, and maintenance. Modern Life understands that with installations using multiple locations, it is paramount that the systems not only work seamlessly from all locations, but that the interface also looks and feels consistent across the board. We deliver the same high-quality user experience at all locations on any given project.

We also set ourselves apart by providing clients with comprehensive roadmaps, tutorials and documentation of newly installed systems–we do not hold our clients hostage by withholding the keys to the kingdom! We have found that sharing information, offering exceptional quality, and providing superior service are more than enough to engender continued loyalty in our customers.

Above all else, we specialize in taking away headaches, both yours and your clients’. Modern Life has a deep knowledge and thorough understanding of all technical systems, resulting in a consolidated and streamlined installation. Instead of having five disparate vendors who most often miscommunicate and lack even a basic concept of the needs of the others, Modern Life is one integrated company that gets the job done efficiently and expertly.